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Project Description

Lingua.NET is a .NET-based parser generator. It uses reflection to generate parsers and scanners using code-based scanner and grammar definitions.

This project contains:
  • Lingua - the base Lingua.NET library.
  • LinguaDemo - a small WPF application that evaluates simple mathematical expressions.


  • Please see Documentation page for additional information about Lingua.NET.
  • The project source code currently contains TFS source control bindings. These bindings should be removed if you have not installed the Visual Studio Team Explorer.

Project Status

This project is under active development. Current areas of development include:
  • Improved conflict resolution.
  • Support for LALR(1) parsers. Lingua.NET currently generates SLR parsers.
  • Optional rule arguments.

Additional References

For additional information about parsers, the following resources are recommended:

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